In as much as research and fact-finding are concerned, studies have proven that it can be particularly difficult to label a specific group of people as more prone to hives. Hives, also known as Urticaria is a common allergic reaction condition which attacks skin cells causing swelling and an itchy red rash to develop on the surface of the skin. A common remedy is Oxyhives from, an all-natural formula with no side effects.

The answer to the above question can only be best described by the factors behind the development of hives. Hives are a primary symptom of an increase in the level of histamine in the blood. This is triggered by several factors which we will discuss below in detail. Histamine acts as an alerting agent to the body by notifying the body that it has been exposed to conditions which can be potentially harmful. Or rather it serves to notify the body that it has been intoxicated. There are however many factors which can lead to high levels of histamine in the body.

People who have a lot of allergic reactions are more prone to hives. Different allergens will give rise to various allergic conditions. One individual can get hives from pollen in flowers, someone from heat and another from cat fur, etc. It is important as an individual to have a personal investigation of the things you are allergic to and avoid them. The best way to treat any allergy is avoidance and also the use of natural treatments such as Oxyhives.

Solar radiation is a potential histamine trigger in some individuals. Exposure to sunlight or heat can lead to the development of hives; however solar radiation related hives are common in light skin colored individuals whose skin cells contain a low percentage of melanin content. Melanin is an organic pigment produced by the melanocyte cells in the skin and is responsible for ultraviolet radiation dissipation. Thus, light skin colored individuals develop a red rash (hives) which serves to notify them that they have been exposed to harmful radiation. Nonetheless, even some dark-skinned individuals can also suffer from Urticaria.

Stress can also be one of the histamine triggers. Stress is associated with high blood pressure which in turn initiates a release of the histamine hormone in the blood leading to the development of the hives. Henceforth individuals with high blood pressure disorders are subject to Urticaria attack. Last but not least, celiac disease (CD) has also been scientifically proven to be associated with Uticaria. The results from the case studies varied but finally they came to the conclusion that CD is associated with Urticaria, especially chronic Urticaria.