Age spots are small, dark areas on your skin and can appear in various places – your hands, neck, shoulders, arms. They are usually nothing to worry about, but they can be undoubtedly unaesthetic in some situations. Luckily for you, Zeta White is a skin whitening product that doesn’t contain all the chemicals that are present in the usual skin-bleaching treatment and gets rid of age spots.

Why does my skin get age spots?

Usually, the most sun-exposed places on your body are most likely to get aging spots. The pigment responsible for the dark color is called melanin, and it’s produced continuously in cells found in the skin called melanocytes. As we age, the skin pigmentation accelerates in some areas of our bodies, causing the melanocytes to produce more pigment and therefore it gives you that spotted look.

How to get rid of them?

  1. Lemon: is a natural bleaching agent that will fade dark blemishes on your skin
  2. Vitamin E: it’s a powerful antioxidant and a very active sunblock. It neutralizes the UV radiation from the sun, limiting the pigmentation on your skin.
  3. Papaya: it has skin lightening properties thanks to a powerful enzyme – papain.
  4. Licorice: it’s an anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps to fade dark spots on your skin and therefore lighten it. It is a good substitute for hydroquinone – a toxic substance used in the other skin-bleaching treatments, that can cause adverse reactions.
  5. Tea: it can get rid of the toxins embedded in the skin layers and also helps cell turnover, therefore making your skin look lighter and fades the dark spots.

Is Zeta White efficient against dark spots?

Zeta White is a natural product that contains all the ingredients listed above and many more. It’s a system of three products – face wash, moisturizer and night cream, specially designed to ensure around-the-clock care for your skin and promises to get rid of dark, brown spots. It is a safe alternative to bleaching creams, and it’s suitable for all skin types.

Aging is out your control, but how you handle aging is your decision. Complete the skin lightening system for best results and enjoy your lighter, spot-free skin.