When you buy a skateboard for the first time you acquire more than just a deck of wood on a set of wheels. You purchase a fun hobby, a life-changer and an overall improvement on your daily routine. This is why you need to do it with style. Accessorize your new investment and be the new kid on the block with these cool additions that everybody is raving about:


OK, we know this sounds a bit boring, and your friends might have a laugh when you are riding down the alley with a juggernaut hat on your head. But, do you know who will be laughing even harder? The kids that suffer permanent brain damage from not wearing headgear while practicing extreme sports. And do you know who won’t be laughing at all? The one in five children who die every year from skateboarding related injuries they receive on their helmet-less heads. You should also recommend this accessory to all your skater friends. Otherwise, you will have nothing to smile about because you will be the only skateboarder in the neighborhood.

Knee pads and elbow protection

“Oh no, here we go again with the lame, boring accessories,” you might say. However, knee pads and elbow protection decrease your chance of suffering from a bone fracture with over 80%. This means that you can take the fall, get up and start practicing that wicked trick right away. Do you know what is lame? Not being able to perform a stunt later in life because you suffered damage on your unprotected knees when you were a kid. Do you know what is boring? Having to watch your friends skate on the street all summer long, and improving their skills why you have to stay on the sidelines with a nasty elbow injury.


“There we go! Backpacks are cool and efficient, right?” Right! Every respectable skateboarder carries a backpack no matter where they go. It’s perfect for storing some of the gear like extra wheels, the pads, and the helmet when you are not riding. Also, if you don’t want to carry your skateboard in your hands while being on the bus or in an elevator, you can secure it with individual straps on the backpack. Other things that you can include in your pack are water, a lunch box, a hand-knitted sweater from your grandma, and a high visibility vest if you want to skate after dark.

Deck protection

“Oh boy, we’re back to protection again!” Yes, we are, but this time we’re talking about ways of keeping your skateboard nice and shiny. The deck might seem like a solid piece of wood that you can twirl, smash and throw around endlessly. Unfortunately, this misconception leads many naïve skateboarders into buying a new board every week. Protect your deck with special rubber bands and plastic covers to prevent it from chipping, splitting and even breaking altogether.


“Finally! An accessory that is actually cool!” Sunglasses make everything look better, as most Hollywood action movies have taught us. Riding down the street on your shiny, chip-less deck, with a gear-loaded backpack, and a nice pair of shades that reflect the crimson colors of the sunset – now that is an image guaranteed to impress your neighborhood crush. If you’re lucky enough, she might not even notice your large helmet, your pads or your grandma’s hand-knitted sweater.