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How to get rid of skin pigmentation due to aging

Age spots are small, dark areas on your skin and can appear in various places – your hands, neck, shoulders, arms. They are usually nothing to worry about, but they can be undoubtedly unaesthetic in some situations. Luckily for you, Zeta White is a skin whitening product that doesn’t contain all the chemicals that are present in the usual skin-bleaching treatment and gets rid of age spots. Why does my skin get age spots? Usually, the most sun-exposed places on your body are most likely to get aging spots. The pigment responsible for the dark color is called melanin,...

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Who is at risk of developing hives?

In as much as research and fact-finding are concerned, studies have proven that it can be particularly difficult to label a specific group of people as more prone to hives. Hives, also known as Urticaria is a common allergic reaction condition which attacks skin cells causing swelling and an itchy red rash to develop on the surface of the skin. A common remedy is Oxyhives from, an all-natural formula with no side effects. The answer to the above question can only be best described by the factors behind the development of hives. Hives are a primary symptom of...

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Top 5 skateboarders ever

Whether they are pure beginners or experienced skaters, every street skateboarder dreams of equaling the feats of the top athletes out there. If you need some inspiration for new tricks or just to improve your skateboarding skills, you should look up to the best five skateboarders ever: Tony Hawk Anthony Frank Hawk is the man who took skateboarding from the street and made it into a TV program, a video game, and a professionally practiced discipline. A life-long dedication to this sport has earned him the nickname “The Birdman,” and it comes as no surprise considering his evolution in...

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The best longboard brands in the world

If you are looking to take your skateboarding skills to a new level, you should get a longboard. These roadsters let you cruise, race, and slide at higher speeds than other types of boards. Riding a longboard gets you faster and easier wherever you go, and it is also very easy on the eye for the bystanders. Picking the right “deck” is not simple, which is why we compiled a list of the best longboard brands in the world to help you start rolling as soon as possible. Things to consider when buying a longboard First things first, before...

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Cool skateboard accessories everybody should try

When you buy a skateboard for the first time you acquire more than just a deck of wood on a set of wheels. You purchase a fun hobby, a life-changer and an overall improvement on your daily routine. This is why you need to do it with style. Accessorize your new investment and be the new kid on the block with these cool additions that everybody is raving about: Helmet OK, we know this sounds a bit boring, and your friends might have a laugh when you are riding down the alley with a juggernaut hat on your head....

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CRAZY TRICK : photo by a.k. larsen

crazy trick

BLOODY MARY : photo by j. bevers

BLOODY MARY photo by j. bevers

USUAL DAY : photo by j. bevers